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Classic Sci-Fi, Monster, and Horror/Thriller/Fantasy Movies

1895La Charcuterie Mécanique [French; First science fiction film portraying revolutionary mechanical invention] (Often cited as the creator of cinema, Louis Lumière, along with brother Auguste, occupies pivotal position in film history.  The Lumière brothers invented and patented (13 February 1895) the Cinematograph - first device to photograph and project moving images onto a screen, an invention which would revolutionize communication and entertainment across the world within an incredibly short time - a significant milestone of modern civilization)
1897 – Bewitched Inn, The [French; Two-minute short about traveler who rents a haunted room at an inn; Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès Director] (aka L’ auberge ensorcele)
1902 – A Trip to the Moon (aka Voyage dans la Lune) [French;Disappearing lunar aliens using stop motion cinema; Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès]
1903 – Monster, The [French; An Egyptian prince has lost his beloved wife and he has sought a dervish who dwells at the base of the sphinx.  The prince promises him a vast fortune if the dervish will only give him the opportunity of gazing once more upon the features of his wife] (aka Le Monstre; Director and Cast: Georges-Jean Méliès)
1904 – An Impossible Voyage [French; Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès] (Two-Reel Companion to “A Trip to the Moon”; aka “Le Voyage a Travers L'Impossible”)
1904 – Dog Factory, The (Demonstration of a "Dog Transformator," a machine that instantly turns dogs into sausages, and amazingly, sausages back into dogs)
1906 – ? Motorist, The [British; A magical glowing white motorcar dismembers policemen, drives up buildings, flies through outer space and can transform into a horse and carriage.] (aka Questionmark Motorist; Informal title The ? Motorist)
1906 – Voyage Around a Star [French, Italy;  ]
1907 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [French;Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès] (aka 20,000 lieues sous les mers; A Fisherman’s Nightmare)
1908 – Electric Hotel, The [Spain, France; ] (Original Title El Hotel Eléctrico)
1908 – Haunted Castle, The [France; ] (aka Le Château Hanté)
1909 – Airship Destroyer (aka The Battle in the Clouds)
1910 – Aerial Submarine, The [British; Flying pirates torpedo a liner then travel under the sea to salvage bullion] (aka Aerial Submarine:  A Startling Forecast – Piracy on Sea and in Air)
1910 – Frankenstein [an Edison-Dawley production]
1910 – Trip to Mars, A [an Edison Studios version of Georges Méliès "A Trip to the Moon"] (Professor reverses gravity and goes to Mars to encounter half-human creatures and tree monsters who imprison him.  Luckily, Martian breath freezes him into snowball that explodes and catapults him back to Earth)
1910 – Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The
1911 – Aerial Anarchists, The [British; Anarchists build a super aircraft and bomb a railway, a fort, and St. Paul's]
1911 – One Hundred Years After (aka Cento anni dopo)
1911 – Pirates of 1920, The [British; Pirates in an airship bomb a bullion ship and kidnap a girl]
1911 – Sleepy Hollow [Silent drama from Nestor Film Company]
1912 – Conquest of the Pole [French; Scientists from all over the world are meeting to discuss the best way to reach the North Pole]
1912 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself)
1912 – Little Black Box, The (Everyone falls under suspicion when a jewelry clerk steals a pearl necklace from his employers)
1912 – Man’s Genesis [A man tells his grandchildren about prehistoric man] (aka Man's Genesis:  A Psychological Comedy Founded on Darwin's Theory of the Genesis of Man)
1913 – Atlantis [German; ]
1913 – Last Days of Pompeii, The [Italian; ]
1913 – Message From Mars, A [British; A Martian is sent to Earth to admonish a selfish man while the alien's leader watches his progress] (Re-made in 1921 as “A Message From Mars”)
1914 – In the Year 2014 (Futuristic Comedy)
1914 – Monster and the Girl, The
1914 – O-18 or a Message From the Sky [British; A typist exposes a group of businessmen as German spies plotting to blow up a bridge] (aka On His Majesty's Service)
1915 – Black Box, The
1915 – Der Golem [German; In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers, is found in the rubble of an old synagogue in the 20th century.  Brought to life by an antique dealer, the golem is used as a menial servant.  Eventually falling in love with the dealer's wife, it goes on a murderous rampage when its love for her goes unanswered]
1915 – Mechanical Man, The (Sci-fi-comedy short)
1915 – Monkey's Paw, The [British; A paw grants its owner three wishes, causing his son to die and return from the grave; See 1923 version]
1916 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Captain Nemo has built a fantastic submarine for his mission of revenge; First use of underwater photography for special effects)
1916 – End of the World, The [Danish; A comet, passing by the earth, causes rioting, social unrest, and major disasters that destroy the world in this World War I-era film] (aka Verdens Undergang)
1916 – Flying Torpedo, The
1916 – Homunculus the Leader [German; Retelling of Mary Shelley's 1818 "Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus]
1917 – Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

1917 – Flying Torpedo, A
1917 – Golem and the Dancing Girl, The [German; As a practical joke, an actor impersonates the screen monster he made famous. Complications ensue] (aka Der Golem und die Tänzerin; original German title)
1917 – Zeppelin Attack on New York, A
1918 – Alraune [German;  A mad scientist "creates" a beautiful but demonic woman, the result of a forced sexual union between a woman and a mandrake root, a plant said to have magical powers due to its uncanny resemblance to the human body]
1918 – Blue Bird, The [Two peasant children, Mytyl and Tyltyl, are led by Berylune, a fairy, to search for the Blue Bird of Happiness]
1918 – Eyes of the Mummy [German; Die Augen der Mumie Ma] (Reissued in 1922 in US)
1918 – Trip To Mars, A [Danish; Explorers arrive on Mars and discover a placid, peace loving race of people and a Martian girl who they take back to Earth] (aka Himmelskibet, Heaven Ship, Sky Ship, The Ship of Heaven)
1919 – Master Mystery, The [First science-fiction serial with Harry Houdini] (aka Le Maitre du Mystere)
1919 – Spiders, The [Fritz Lang, Dir.; Kay Hoog finds a message that indicates that some Incas are still alive, but the secret organization "Die Spinnen" wants the Incas' gold] (aka Die Spinnen - Der Goldene See)
1920 – Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The [German; Mindgame movie with mad doctor controlling ghastly sleepwalker and murders all around town] (aka Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (original German title); aka Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet)
1920 – Der Golem [German; Clay statue brought to life to protect but turns into a monster] (aka Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (original German title; aka The Golem: How He Came Into the World [US])
1920 – Daughter of the Night [German; French aristocrat falls for Russian nightclub singer, gets involved in underground Russian revolutionary movement] (aka Der Tanz Auf Dem Vulcan [Dancing on a volcano] and Der Fluch der Menschheit)
1920 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself)
1920 – Genuine [German; Same director, cinematographer and writer of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari made this subsequent film] (aka A Tale of a Vampire; Tragedy of a Vampire, The)
1920 – Master Mystery, The (Justice Department agent Quentin Locke must investigate a powerful cartel protected by a robot (The Automaton) using a gas weapon)
1920 – Penalty, The [Deformed criminal mastermind plans looting city of San Francisco to revenge himself on doctor who mistakenly amputated his legs]

1920 – Terror Island [Spain; with Harry Houdini] (aka La Isla del Terror)
1921 – Destiny [Finland; Young couple stops and rests in a small village inn, the man is abducted by Death and sequestered behind a huge doorless, windowless wall] (aka Der müde Tod; Between Two Worlds [US Title])
1921 – Der Nacht der Toten [German; ]
1921 – Drakula halála [Austria; Girl has frightening visions after visiting an insane asylum where one of the inmates claimed to be Drakula] (aka Dracula's Death)
1921 – Gevatter Tod [Austria; Early horror film]
1921 – Haunted Castle, The [German; In the castle Vogeloed, aristocrats await baroness Safferstätt but first count Oetsch invites himself.  Everyone thinks he murdered his brother, baroness Safferstat's first husband, three years ago so he is rather undesirable.  But Oetsch stays, arguing he is not the murderer and vows to find the real one] (aka Schloß Vogeloed (original German title); Vogelod Castle)
1921 – His Brother's Keeper
1921 – Il Mostro di Frankenstein [Italian; The story of Frankenstein] (aka The Monster of Frankenstein)
1921 – Lost Atlantis [French; In 1911, two French officers, Capitaine Morhange and Lieutenant Saint-Avit become lost in the Sahara desert and discover the legendary kingdom of Atlantis, ruled by its ageless queen Antinéa. They become the latest in a line of captives whom she has taken as lovers, and who are killed and embalmed in gold after she has tired of them.] (aka L’ Atlantide; Missing Husbands)
1921 – Man Who Stole the Moon, The (aka The Sky Ranger)
1921 – Mechanical Man, The [Italian; Andre Deed’s rare film in which a robot terrorizes a city] (aka L'uomo meccanico)
1921 – Message From Mars, A (A spectral messenger from Mars arrives on Earth and wanders through the streets pointing out the needs of the poor)
1921 – Phantom Carriage, The [Swedish; Romantic horror film considered to be one of central works in Swedish cinema with flashbacks within flashbacks] (aka Körkarlen)
1921 – Sleepy Hollow [Documentary]
1922 – Blind Bargain, A [Lon Chaney in two roles: Doctor Lamb, a mad surgeon who's doing experiments on human bodies, and his crippled and apish assistant]
1922 – Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler [German; ] (aka Dr. Mabuse, Der Spieler)
1922 – Ghost Breaker, The [Young escaping from a backwoods family feud are persuaded by a heiress to help rid her newly-gained Spanish castle of ghosts]
1922 – Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages [A documentary about the history of witchcraft, told in a variety of styles, from illustrated slideshow to dramatized events of alleged real-life events, right up to the early twentieth century (when the film was made] (aka Haxan)
1922 – Headless Horseman, The [Will Rogers adaptation of Washington Irving classic, the village of Sleepy Hollow is getting ready to greet the new schoolteacher, Ichabod Crane, who is coming from New York. Crane has already heard of the village's legendary ghost, a headless horseman who is said to be searching for the head that he lost in battle.  Filmed near the actual location of the story]
1922 – Hound of the Baskerville's, The [British; Standard tale]
1922 – L’Atlantide [German; ]
1922 – Man From Beyond, The [A man who has been frozen in the Arctic ice for 100 years returns to civilization to find his lost love] (Featuring Harry Houdini)
1922 – Nosferatu [German; Creepy adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula] (aka Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens [original German title]; aka Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror [US])
1922 – Parema, Creature From the Starworld [Austria; Film about space and aliens] (aka Parema - Das Wesen aus der Sternenwelt)
1922 – Shadows [A dying Chinese man, Yen Sin, is washed ashore after a storm and finds himself an outsider in the Christian fishing community of Urkey.  Yen Sin stays converting to Christianity in order to stop a friend from being blackmailed despite his status as a heathen]
1922 – Young Diana, The [Sci-fi drama]
1923 – Der Steinerne Reiter [German; Expressionist horror/fantasy film] (aka The Stone Rider)
1923 – Hunchback of Notre Dame, The [In fifteenth century Paris, the brother of the archdeacon plots with the gypsy king to foment a peasant revolt.  Meanwhile, a freakish hunchback falls in love with the gypsy queen]
1923 – Itching Palms [Horror film based on a haunted house]
1923 – Last Moment, The [Horror film based around a caged monster]
1923 – Monkey's Paw, The [British; A paw grants its owner three wishes, causing his son to die and return from the grave; See 1915 version]
1923 – Red Night, The [Belgian; Film set within a few hours in two locations - the rich madam Lesparre's old castle and the sinister mill 'Moulin-Maudit'] (aka La Nuit Rouge)
1923 – Shock, The [Gang of blackmailers sends cripple to San Francisco to expose banker.  Then cripple meets and falls in love with the banker's daughter]
1923 – While Paris Sleeps [Sculptor loves his model but she is attracted by an American man.  Insane jealousy creates torture in a wax museum for the American]
1924 – Aelita, the Queen of Mars [Russian; Engineer travels to Mars to meet his dream girl] (aka Revolt of the Robots)
1924 – Dante’s Inferno [Portugese; Tactics of a vicious slumlord and greedy businessman finally drive a distraught man to commit suicide] (aka O Inferno de Dante)
1924 – Hands of Orlac, The [German; Famous pianist loses both hands in an accident not knowing they once belonged to a murderer] (aka Orlacs Hände; Die unheimlichen Hände des Doktor Orlac)
1924 – He Who Gets Slapped [Inventor who suffers betrayal in life makes a career of it by becoming a clown whose act consists of getting slapped by clowns]
1924 – Help! [French; Max accepts a wager that he cannot remain in a haunted castle for one hour (11 PM to midnight) without crying for help]
1924 – Kriemhild's Revenge [Polish; After Siegfried's dead, Kriemhild marries Etzel, the King of the Huns]  (aka Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache)
1924 – Last Man on Earth, The [An epidemic has killed off all of the fertile men on earth, except for Elmer Smith, a hillbilly who lives out in a cabin in the Ozarks, when he is discovered, every woman on the planet begins fighting over him]
1924 – Siegfried [Polish; Siegfried, son of King Sigmund, hears of the beautiful sister of Gunter, King of Worms, Kriemhild]
1924 – Shadow of the East, The [Horror film based in India about ghosts]
1924 – Thief of Bagdad, The [A recalcitrant thief vies with a duplicitous Mongol ruler for the hand of a beautiful princess]
1924 – Those Who Dare [Mutiny and voodoo are highlighted in this early horror film]
1924 – Unseen Hands
1924 – Waxworks [German; Owner of a wax museum needs for three of his models stories to be told] (aka Das Wachsfigurenkabinett)
1925 – Death Ray, The [Russian;  aka Luch Smerti; The first and last reels are missing from all surviving copies of film]
1925 – Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde [Esteemed Dr. Pyckle (Stan Laurel) uses himself as guinea pig as he experiments new drug that changes him into prankster]
1925 – Lost World, The [The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam.  World of stop-motion dinosaurs discovered on Amazon expedition]
1925 – Maciste in Hell [Italian; The devil takes Maciste down to hell in an attempt to corrupt and ruin his morality] (aka Maciste all'inferno; 1931 US release)
1925 – Midnight Girl, The [A corrupt art patron finds himself in love with the same girl as his stepson [Bela Lugosi].  Lost Print – Only Photos Exist]
1925 – Monster, The [A general store clerk and aspiring detective investigates a mysterious disappearance that took place quite close to an empty insane asylum.  Comic relief and cutesy romance overshadow Lon Chaney performance]
1925 – Our Heavenly Bodies [German ; aka Wunder der Schöpfung]
1925 – Phantom of the Opera, The [A mad, disfigured composer seeks love with a lovely young opera singer.  Scary adaptation with good tension and great Lon Chaney]
1925 – Power God, The [Professor invents a miraculous engine which can draw unlimited power from the atoms of the air]
1925 – Unholy Three, The [A sideshow ventriloquist, midget, and strongman form a conspiracy known as "The Unholy Three" and commit a series of robberies]
1925 – Wolf Blood [After wolf blood transfusion a man thinks he's becoming a wolf] (aka Wolfblood: A Tale of the Forest; Wolfsblood)
1926 – Bat, The [A masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer]
1926 – Bells, The [Mathias, an Alsatian innkeeper, murders a rich Pole staying at his inn But Mathias' conscience will not let him rest]
1926 – Faust [The demon Mephisto wagers an angel that he can corrupt a mortal man's soul]
1926 – Man Who Cheated Life, The [For Balduin, going out to beer parties and fighting out disputes at the tip of the sword have lost their charms]
1926 – Magician, The [A magician/alchemist, seeking to create life, finds that he needs the "blood of a virgin" to continue his experiments]
1926 – Midnight Faces [Young man inherits a mansion with a strange presence in a Florida swamp from an uncle]
1926 – Page of Madness, A [Japanese; A man takes a job at an asylum with hopes of freeing his imprisoned wife] (aka Kurutta ippêji)
1926 – Sparrows [Eldest child at a baby farm hidden in a swamp must rescue the others when the cruel master decides that one of them will be killed]
1927 – Cat and the Canary, The [Relatives of an eccentric millionaire gather in his spooky mansion on the 20th anniversary of his death for the reading of his will]
1927 – Gorilla, The [An ape is suspected of committing a series of murders]
1927 – Lodger, The [A landlady suspects her new lodger is the madman killing women in London; Directed by Alfred Hitchcock]
1927 – London After Midnight [The abandoned home of a wealthy man who supposedly committed suicide five years earlier is taken over by ghoulish figures - could they be vampires?  Chaney as vampire in effective horror mystery]
1927 – Metropolis [German; Elite ruling class in future city benefit from labor of subjugated masses working below]
1927 – Prelude [British; ]
1927 – Unknown, The [Chaney as armless circus freak involved in murder, jealousy, and surgery]
1927 – Wizard, The [Menacing shadows and fantastic figures hovering in the night in a mystery-romance crammed with thrills, excitement and laughter]
1928 – Daughter of Destiny, A [German; ] (aka Alraune)
1928 – Easy Virtue [A divorcée hides her scandalous past from her new husband and his family]
1928 – Fall of the House of Usher, The [French; A traveler arrives at the Usher mansion to find that the sibling inhabitants, Roderick and Madeline Usher, are living under a mysterious family curse: Roderick's senses have become painfully acute, while Madeline has become nearly catatonic.  As the visitor's stay at the mansion continues, the effects of the curse reach their terrifying climax] (aka La Chute de la Maison Usher)
1928 – Habeas Corpus [Loony scientist hires Laurel and Hardy to raid the cemetery to keep him supplied with dead bodies for his experiments]
1928 – Man Who Laughs, The [Gwynplaine, son of Lord Clancharlie, has a permanent smile carved on his face by the King, in revenge for Gwynplaine's father's treachery.  Gwynplaine is adopted by a travelling showman and becomes a popular idol]
1928 – Seashell and the Clergyman, The [Obsessed with a general's woman, clergyman has strange visions of death and lust, struggling against his eroticism]
1928 – Spies [German; The mastermind behind a ubiquitous spy operation learns of a dangerous romance between a Russian lady in his employ and a dashing agent from the government's secret service] (aka Spione)
1928 – Terror, The [Guests at an old English manor house are stalked by a mysterious killer known only as 'The Terror.']
1928 – West of Zanzibar [Crippled stage magician up to no good] (Released with synchronized music and sound effects and remade with sound as Kongo in 1932)
1929 – Cagliostro - Liebe und Leben eines großen Abenteurers [German; Story about a magician and alchemist during the times of French king Louis XVI and Frau Marie-Antoinette]
1929 – Chamber of Horrors [British; A man believing he has killed his mistress finds himself spending the night in a terrifying wax museum]
1929 – Der Hund von Baskerville [German; Long thought lost, a print was discovered in Poland in 2009]
1929 – High Treason [British; ] (aka Ned med Vaabnene!)
1929 – House of Horror [Vitaphone takes you right inside this spook-packed house. You'll see things that will scare the laughs out of you]
1929 – Last Warning, The [A producer decides to reopen a theater, that had been closed five years previously when one of the actors was murdered]
1929 – Lost Zeppelin, The [An international expedition is sent out to rescue a dirigible that was lost near the North Pole]
1929 – Mysterious Island, The [On volcanic island near kingdom of Hetvia rules Count Dakkar, a benevolent leader who has eliminated class distinction]
1929 – Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu, The [During the Boxer Rebellion in China during the early 20th century a Chinese secret society attacked all westerners]
1929 – Pandora's Box [The rise and inevitable fall of an amoral but naive young woman whose insouciant eroticism inspires lust and violence to those around her]
1929 – Woman in the Moon, The [German; Fritz Lang’s “Die Frau im Mond” featured Hermann Oberth’s planned promotional rocket launch] (aka By Rocket to the Moon)

<===== End of Silent Film Era =====>

1930 – Bat Whispers, The
1930 – Just Imagine (Man struck by lightning in 1930 is resurrected in 1980 and winds up taking the first trip to Mars)
1931 – Black Camel, The (aka Charlie Chan in the Black Camel) [Psychic (Lugosi) is key to help Charlie solve stabbing death of beautiful actress and unsolved murder of a Hollywood actor]
1931 – Blonde Captive, The [An expedition is sent into the rugged Australian outback to search for a lost white woman.]
1931 – Daughter of the Dragon
1931 – Dracula
1931 – Drums of Jeopardy
1931 – End of the World (aka La fin du monde) [French; Abel Gance's first sound feature was based on 1894 Novel “OMEGA:  The Last Days of the World” by scientist Camille Flammarion)
1931 – Frankenstein
1931 – M
1931 – Svengali [Through hypnotism and telepathy a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves]
1932 – Vampyr
1932 – Chandu the Magician
1932 – Doctor X
1932 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1932 – F.P.1 Doesn't Answer [German; ] (aka F.P.1 antwortet nicht; FP 1 non risponde)
1932 – Freaks
1932 – Kongo (Remake of Lon Chaney’s West of Zanzibar [1928])
1932 – Lost Atlantis, The [German; ](aka The Mistress of Atlantis)
1932 – Mask of Fu Manchu, The
1932 – Monster Walks, The
1932 – Most Dangerous Game, The
1932 – Mummy, The (Karloff plays the quintessential mummy)
1932 – Murders in the Rue Morgue
1932 – Old Dark House, The
1932 – Phantom Express, The (Trains are being derailed along a particular line by a "phantom express". Engine lights and train noises are seen before engines are derailed)
1932 – Phantom Fiend, The [British; First sound remake of Hitchcock Jack the Ripper silent classic] (aka The Lodger; U.S. Release April 1935)
1932 – Queen of Atlantis [German; ](aka L, Atlantide; Die Herrin von Atlantis; Mistress of Atlantis)

1932 – Six Hours to Live (Slain diplomat bought back to life via a scientific experiment)
1932 – Vampyr [German; Traveler obsessed with the supernatural visits an old inn and finds evidence of vampires] (aka Castle of Doom; U.S. Release 1934)
1932 – White Zombie
1933 – Das Testament Des Dr. Mabuse [German; ]
1933 – Death Kiss, The
1933 – Deluge (First disaster movie! A solar eclipse occurs causes a massive earthquake   in California, and New York is inundated with massive tidal waves)
1933 – Ghoul, The
1933 – Invisible Man, The
1933 – Island of Lost Souls
1933 – King Kong [Classic monster movie of all time]
1933 – Murders in the Zoo
1933 – Mystery of the Wax Museum, The (Remade in 1953 in 3-D)
1933 – Narcotic
1933 – Night of Terror (Heirs to family fortune required to attend séance at spooky mansion. Throughout the night members of the family are killed off one by one)
1933 – Son of Kong
1933 – Sphinx, The (Remade in 1942 as The Phantom Killer)
1933 – Vampire Bat, The
1933 – Whispering Shadow, The (Criminal [Bela Lugosi] known as The Whispering Shadow commits crimes by means of a gang he controls by television and radio rays) - Serial and feature versions.
1934 – Beast of Borneo, The (Crazed scientist needs primates for experiments so he organizes an expedition to Borneo to capture the animals he needs; Reissued in 1944 same title)
1934 – Black Cat, The (aka The Body Vanishes; Great thriller with Karloff and Lugosi)
1934 – Black Moon [Young girl who lives on a tropical island loses her parents to a voodoo sacrifice]
1934 – Castle of Doom [German; Traveler obsessed with the supernatural visits an old inn and finds evidence of vampires] (U.S. version of Vampyr (1932))
1934 – Chandu on the Magic Island (Sequel to Chandu the Magician)
1934 – Chloe, Love is Calling You (Voodoo priestess takes revenge on plantation owner she believes killed her husband)
1934 – End of the World, The [British; Scientist predicts comet strike in 114 days which causes panic] (aka Paris After Dark) [French; Released as La Fin du Monde 1931 with same plot as 1916 Danish Verdens Undergang]
1934 – Evil Mind, The [British; ] (aka The Clairvoyant)
1934 – Ghost Walks, The [Stormy night at old dark mansion with ghosts roaming the halls]
1934 – Green Eyes [Owner found in closet stabbed to death at mansion party) (aka Zielone oczy in Poland)
1934 – Maniac (aka Sex Maniac)
1934 – Return of Chandu, The
1935 – Black Room, The
1935 – Bride of Frankenstein, The
1935 – Condemned to Live
1935 – Dante’s Inferno [Portugese; Jim Carter moves in on the McWade's carnival concession which shows scenes from Dante's Inferno] (aka O Inferno de Dante)
1935 – Lost City, The [Evil scientist plots to take over world from base in Africa where has a machine that can cause earthquakes; Serial]
1935 – Mad Love
1935 – Mark of the Vampire, The
1935 – Murder By Television
1935 – Murder in the Red Barn [British; ] (aka Maria Marten, Murder in the Red Barn)
1935 – Mysterious Mr. Wong, The
1935 – Phantom Empire, The (Gene Autry Sci-Fi serial)
1935 – Phantom Ship (aka The Mystery of the Marie Celeste)
1935 – Raven, The (Superb thriller with great masters at their peak)
1935 – She
1935 – Secrets of Chinatown (Crime wave traced to cultists)
1935 – Transatlantic Tunnel [British; A team of international scientists and engineers attempts to build a tunnel under the ocean] (aka The Tunnel)
1935 – Werewolf of London
1936 – Devil-Doll, The
1936 – Dracula's Daughter
1936 – Flash Gordon
1936 – House of Secrets
1936 – Invisible Ray, The
1936 – Man Who Changed His Mind, The [British; ] (aka The Man Who Lived Again)
1936 – Modern Times
1936 – Postal Inspector
1936 – Revolt of the Zombies (Sequel to White Zombie [1932])
1936 – Rogue’s Tavern, The [Mad killer is on the loose in a hotel on a dark, gloomy night] (aka The Rogues’ Tavern)
1936 – Shadow of Chinatown
1936 – Sharad of Atlantis [Discovery of underwater kingdom] (Re-edited from Republic serial, The Undersea Kingdom]
1936 – Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street [British; ]
1936 – Things to Come
1936 – Trapped By Television [Inventor looking for backing for his invention gets involved with crooks who try to steal his invention]
1936 – Walking Dead, The
1937 – Hurricane, The
1937 – Lost Horizon
1937 – Love From a Stranger [British; ] (aka A Night of Terror)
1937 – Never Too Late To Mend [British; ] (aka Never Too Late)
1937 – Non-Stop New York [Young woman finds herself as the intended victim of a murder plot on a transatlantic flight from London to New York]
1937 – Song At Midnight [Chinese; ] (aka Ye ban ge sheng)
1937 – SOS Coast Guard (Bela Lugosi serial)
1938 – Flash Gordon’s Trip To Mars (aka Space Soldiers’ Trip To Mars) [Serial]
1938 – Mars Attacks the World [Deadly ray from space hits Earth so Flash Gordon travels to its source, Mars, to find his old enemy emperor Ming of Mongo; Serial]
1938 – Mr. Wong, Detective (First entry in the Mr. Wong series)
1938 – Under The Big Top
1939 – Buck Rogers
1939 – Cat and the Canary, The (Eccentric family meets in their uncle's remote, decaying mansion on tenth anniversary of his death - murder and madness follow)
1939 – Devil's Daughter, The (Upon return from Harlem to a Jamaican plantation woman hears the growing sound of jungle drums)
1939 – Devil’s Island
1939 – Face at the Window, The
1939 – Gorilla, The
1939 – Human Monster, The (aka The Dark Eyes of London/Dead Eyes of London)
1939 – Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
1939 – Invisible Man Returns, The
1939 – Life Returns (Doctor who revives the dead can prove his theory by performing his procedures on a recently deceased dog)
1939 – Man They Could Not Hang, The
1939 – Mr. Wong in Chinatown (Third entry in the Mr. Wong series)
1939 – Mystery of Mr. Wong, The (Second entry in the Mr. Wong series)
1939 – Phantom Creeps, The
1939 – Return of Doctor X, The
1939 – Son of Frankenstein
1939 – Terror, The
1939 – Torture Ship
1939 – Tower of London (15th century Richard Duke of Gloucester eliminates those ahead of him in succession to the throne.  As each murder is accomplished he delights in removing small figurines resembling the successors from a throne-room dollhouse, until he alone remains)
1940 – Ape, The
1940 – Before I Hang
1940 – Black Friday
1940 – Chamber of Horrors
1940 – Crimes at the Dark House [British; ]
1940 – Doomed to Die (Fifth entry in the Mr. Wong series)
1940 – Dr. Cyclops
1940 – Fatal Hour, The (Fourth entry in the Mr. Wong series)
1940 – Invisible Man Returns, The
1940 – Invisible Woman, The
1940 – Island of Doomed Men
1940 – Mad Doctor, The
1940 – Man with Nine Lives, The
1940 – Mr. Wong - Phantom of Chinatown (Sixth entry in the Mr. Wong series)
1940 – Mummy's Hand, The
1940 – One Million B.C.
1940 – Son of Ingagi
1940 – Thief of Bagdad, The (Remake of the 1928 Fairbanks classic)
1940 – You’ll Find Out
1941 – Black Cat, The (Comedy with Basil Rathbone and Bela Lugosi)
1941 – Devil Bat, The
1941 – Devil Commands, The
1941 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1941 – Ghost Train, The [British; Hijinks and chills ensue when a group become stranded at an isolated station and a legendary phantom train approaches] (aka Le Train Fantome; El Tren Fantasma)
1941 – Horror Island
1941 – Invisible Ghost
1941 – Invisible Woman, The
1941 – Killer Bats
1941 – King of the Zombies (Key military secrets found and zombies all about)
1941 – Man Made Monster
1941 – Monster and the Girl, The (Brain of prostitute’s dead brother winds up in gorilla)
1941 – Wolf Man, The
1942 – Black Dragons
1942 – Bowery at Midnight (aka Ladrones de Tumbas; Le Monstre de Minuit)
1942 – Corpse Vanishes, The
1942 – Devil’s Hand, The [French; ]
1942 – Eyes in the Night
1942 – Ghost of Frankenstein, The
1942 – Invisible Agent, The
1942 – Mad Doctor of Market Street, The [A mad scientist (Lionel Atwill) is forced to leave San Francisco when his experiments become known]
1942 – Mad Monster, The
1942 – Man with Two Lives, The
1942 – Mummy’s Tomb, The
1942 – Night Has Eyes, The [British; ] (aka Terror House; Moonlight Madness)
1942 – Night Monster
1942 – Strange Case of Dr. Rx, The (Private eye hired after five acquitted mobsters are strangled)
1942 – Undying Monster, The (Werewolf on the prowl)
1943 – 7th Victim, The
1943 – Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
1943 – Ape Man, The
1943 – Black Raven, The (Strangers brought together in old, dark house must contend with murders and stolen $50,000)
1943 – Calling Dr. Death
1943 – Captive Wild Woman
1943 – Cat People
1943 – Dead Men Walk (Twin of kindly small-town physician returns from the grave for vengeance against brother who secretly killed him because the he served Satan.
1943 – Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
1943 – Ghost Ship, The
1943 – Ghosts on the Loose
1943 – G-Men vs. the Black Dragon (12-episode serial: aka Black Dragons of Manzanar)
1943 – I Walked with a Zombie
1943 – Leopard Man, The
1943 – Mad Ghoul, The (aka Mystery of the Ghoul)
1943 – Phantom of the Opera (Remake of 1925 version)
1943 – Scream in the Night
1943 – Shadow of a Doubt(Remade in 1958 as Step Down to Terror)
1943 – Son of Dracula
1944 – Between Two Worlds [Remake of Destiny (1921)]
1944 – Bluebeard (A Parisian artist hires portrait models and after he finishes their portraits strangles them)
1944 – Climax, The (Theatre physician at Vienna Royal Theatre murders his star soprano mistress when jealousy creates mad obsession.
1944 – Cobra Woman, The (Discovering his fiancée’s been kidnapped, Ramu and friend set out for Pacific isle where strangers are killed on arrival)
1944 – Cry of the Werewolf
1944 – Curse of the Cat People, The
1944 – Ghost That Walks Alone, The
1944 – House of Frankenstein
1944 – Invisible Man’s Revenge, The
1944 – It Happened Tomorrow
1944 – Jungle Woman, The (The ape woman [Acquanetta] is alive and well, and running around a creepy old sanitarium)
1944 – Lady and the Monster, The (Remade as Donovan’s Brain)
1944 – Lodger, The
1944 – Monster Maker, The
1944 – Mummy’s Curse, The
1944 – Mummy’s Ghost, The
1944 – Nabonga
1944 – One Body Too Many
1944 – Return of the Ape Man
1944 – Return of the Vampire, The
1944 - Spider Woman, The (Holmes investigates so-called "pajama suicides". He knows female villain is as cunning as Moriarty and as venomous as a spider)
1944 – Strange Confession (aka The Imposter; The Missing Head; Bayonet Charge)
1944 – Time Flies [British; A minor music hall star uses a professor's time machine to go back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I]Uninvited, The
1944 – Uninvited, The
1944 – Voodoo Man, The (Dr. Richard Marlowe [Bela Lugosi] uses voodoo and hypnosis to revivify beautiful, but long-dead wife with life essences of young girls)
1944 – Weird Woman
1944 – Witch's Cradle, The (Unfinished 12 minute short)
1945 – Body Snatcher, The (Atmospheric tale about doctors dealings with body snatcher)
1945 – Dead Man’s Eyes
1945 – Dead of Night [British; ]
1945 – Fog Island
1945 – Frenzy (A seance is held to discover the whereabouts, and the killer of a sculptor's wife)
1945 – Frozen Ghost, The
1945 – Hangover Square
1945 – House of Dracula, The
1945 – Isle of the Dead
1945 – Jungle Captive, The (Paula ape woman is brought back to life, this time by a mad doctor and his disfigured assistant)
1945 – Picture of Dorian Gray, The (Corrupt young man keeps his youthful beauty but a painting gradually reveals his inner ugliness to all)
1945 – Pillow of Death
1945 – Vampire’s Ghost, The
1945 – White Gorilla
1945 – White Pongo
1945 – Zombies on Broadway
1946 – Angel on My Shoulder (aka El Diablo y Yo)
1946 – Beast with Five Fingers, The
1946 – Bedlam
1946 – Brute Man, The (Disfigured man becomes a crazed murderer)
1946 – Crimson Ghost, The (Criminal mastermind “The Crimson Ghost” is to steal a device called the Cyclotrode which can short-circuit all electrical current on earth)
1946 – Dark Mirror, The (Woman suspected of murdering her doctor boyfriend has an identical twin sister, both of which have an alibi for the night of the murder)
1946 – Devil Bat’s Daughter
1946 – Devil Monster (edited version of seafaring adventure film Sea Fiend [1936])

1946 – Face of Marble, The (Engrossed in project to bring the dead back to life, Dr. fails to notice wife Elaine's interest in young lab partner)
1946 – Flight To Nowhere (A couple on board a plane find themselves mixed up in a plot to steal atomic secrets)
1946 – Flying Serpent, The (Scientist protects Aztec treasure with prehistoric bird) (Remake of The Devil Bat)
1946 – Genius At Work (Two actors are pitted against a villain calling himself the Cobra [Bela Lugosi] who has affinity for torture)
1946 – House of Horrors (Unsuccessful sculptor saves madman “The Creeper” from drowning and tricks the psycho into murdering his critics)
1946 – Mask of Diijon, The
1946 – Queen of the Amazons
1946 – She-Wolf of London
1946 – Shock (Psychologically distraught woman committed to private sanitarium by man whom she witnessed committing murder)
1946 – Spiral Staircase, The
1946 – Stranger, The
1946 – Strangler of the Swamp
1946 – Valley of the Zombies
1947 – Black Widow, The (Detective story writer Steve Colt investigates the deaths of a group of scientists working on an atomic rocket development project)
1947 – Dreams That Money Can Buy [French; Learning to look inside himself, poetic bum sells people vivid dreams]
1947 – Love From A Stranger [Remake of 1937 film] (aka Hideout For Horror; A Night of Terror)
1947 – Scared to Death
1948 – Amazing Mr. X, The (aka The Spiritualist)
1948 – Behind Locked Doors (aka The Human Gorilla)
1948 – Horror Maniacs (aka The Greed of William Hart)
1948 – Unknown Island
1949 – Abbott and Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff
1949 – King of the Rocketmen (Serial of 12 episodes remade into Lost Planet Airmen)
1949 – Lost Planet Airmen (Feature compiles 12 Episode Serial)
1949 – Mighty Joe Young
1949 – Siren of Atlantis [A pair of explorers stumble across a lost city of the jungle ruled by a mysterious queen] (aka La Atlantida)
1950 – Destination Moon [Robert A. Heinlein coscript and Chesley Bonestell painted sets]
1950 – Flying Disc Man From Mars [Visitor from Mars has evil on his mind - Serial of 12 episodes)
1950 – Flying Saucer, The [Visitors from outer space create havoc in Alaska backdrop]

1950 – Flying Saucer Mystery, The [Very early 10 minute documentary examining reports of UFOs and flying saucers]
1950 – Killer That Stalked New York, The
1950 – Mark of the Gorilla
1950 – Next Voice You Hear, The
1950 – Prehistoric Women (aka The Virgin Goddess)
1950 – Rocketship X-M [Ship to Moon but winds up on Mars; sets standard for all movies]
1950 – Seven Days to Noon [British; English scientist leaves research center with atomic bomb]
1950 – Two Lost Worlds
1951 – Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man
1951 – Bride of the Gorilla
1951 – Day the Earth Stood Still, The [Visitor from outer space with a warning to earthmen]
1951 – Five [Nuclear holocaust survivors]
1951 – Flight to Mars [Very low-budget discovery of lost civilization on Mars; in Cinecolor]
1951 – Lost Continent, The
1951 – Man from Planet X, The [Thin-faced space visitor badgered in Scottish moors]
1951 – Strange Door, The [Noble-born cad tricked into stay at eerie manor of Sire de Maletroit an evil madman who can't get over the death of his beloved]
1951 – Thing from Another World, The [Flying saucer with alien being lands in Arctic freeze]
1951 – Unknown World [Geologist tries to reach earth’s core in mechanical mole]
1951 – When Worlds Collide [Asteroid collision sends planetesimals to hit earth; in Technicolor]
1952 – Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
1952 – Black Castle, The [Man investigates the disappearance of two of his friends who were the guests of a sinister Austrian count]
1952 – Invasion U.S.A.
1952 – My Son the Vampire [British; Slapstick spoof w/ Bela Lugosi] (aka Vampire Over London; Mother Riley and the Vampire)
1952 – Radar Men From the Moon [Commando Cody serial]
1952 – Red Planet Mars [Heavy Cold War propaganda]
1952 – Unnatural
1952 – Untamed Women [Druid women on island befriend downed pilots]
1952 – Vampire, The [British; ]
1953 – Abbott and Costello Go To Mars [The boys accidentally launch a rocket which is supposed to fly to Mars but goes to New Orleans for Mardi Gras instead]
1953 – Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
1953 – Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The
1953 – Bowanga, Bowanga (aka The White Sirens of Africa)
1953 – Donovan’s Brain
1953 – Doom Town [13-minute short]
1953 – House of Wax [3-D remake of The Mystery of the Wax Museum]
1953 – Invaders from Mars [Martians land in a sand trap and burrow to invade]
1953 – Island Monster [Italian; ] (aka Monstre Ile)
1953 – It Came from Outer Space [Alien spaceship lands in AZ desert; in 3D process] (aka Strangers from Outer Space)
1953 – Killer Ape
1953 – Magnetic Monster, The
1953 – Maze, The
1953 – Mesa of Lost Women
1953 – Neanderthal Man, The
1953 – Phantom From Space [Invisible alien crash lands near Los Angeles – wreaks havoc]
1953 – Planet Outlaws [An American soldier suspended in time wakes up to find himself in the futuristic world of the year 2500]
1953 – Project Moonbase [Space station trip to Moon; Cold War premise and Robert A. Heinlein coscript]
1953 – Robot Monster [Gorilla in diving helmet wipes out most of earth people in 3D]
1953 – Spaceways [British; Space missile and flight into outer stratosphere]
1953 – War of the Worlds [Classic Martian invasion yarn based on H. G. Wells story; in Technicolor]
1954 – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney remake of 1916 silent era film)
1954 – Cat-Women of the Moon [All males killed by warrior class females on the Moon so the next source for men is earth; Remade as Missile to the Moon] (aka Rocket to the Moon)
1954 – Crash of the Moons (Rocky Jones Space Ranger serial)
1954 – Creature From the Black Lagoon
1954 – Devil Girl from Mars [British; Her spaceship lands in Scotland - looking for earth husbands]
1954 – Gog
1954 – Gojira [Japanese; Fire-breathing monster spawned from radioactivity destroys Tokyo]
1954 – Island Monster, The [Italian; ] (aka Il Mostro Dell’isola, The Monster of the Island)
1954 – Jail Bait [Plastic surgeon fixes up son’s face so he can evade the cops]
1954 – Killers From Space [Pilot killed in crash brought back to life by aliens from planet Astron Delta - plan is to invade earth with his help]
1954 – Mad Magician, The [Master magician murders greedy employer who legally owns his invented tricks]
1954 – Monster From the Ocean Floor [Roger Corman’s first, abysmal effort joins a squidlike creature and a minisubmarine] (aka It Skulks the Ocean Floor and The Monster Maker)

1954 – Riders to the Stars [Astronauts try to scoop up meteors in earth orbit to make better spaceships]
1954 – Rocket Man, The
1954 – Snow Creature, The
1954 – Stranger From Venus [Benevolent visitor from Venus with healing powers warns of nuclear proliferation]
1954 – Target Earth [People in deserted city trapped by robot invasion force]
1954 – Them!
1954 – Tobor the Great
1955 – Abbott and Costello Meet The Mummy
1955 – Atomic Man, The [British; Atomic scientist found floating in river with bullet in back and radioactive halo around body]
1955 – Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes, The (aka Beast With a Million Eyes!, The)
1955 – Bride of the Monster
1955 – Conquest of Space [Trip to Mars with marsquake, water snow, and religious overtones; Chesley Bonestell painted sets; in Technicolor]
1955 – Creature with the Atom Brain
1955 – Cult of the Cobra
1955 – Dementia [NY Board of Censorship had this movie banned from theaters for 3 years; releasing it in 1958] (aka Daughter of Horror)

1955 – Diaboliques, Les (aka The Devils) [French; ]
1955 – Fire Maidens of Outer Space [British; Travel to an earthlike 13th moon of Jupiter; Superbomb]
1955 – Flying Saucers Over Istanbul [Turkish; ] (aka Ucan Daireler Istanbulda)
1955 – Half Human
1955 – It Came From Beneath the Sea
1955 – King Dinosaur [Planet moves into solar system and scientists, sent to explore, face an iguana masquerading as a T-Rex]
1955 – Panther Girl of the Kongo [Scientist tries to scare everyone from mines with animal monsters] (aka Panther Woman of the Kongo; The Claw Monsters)
1955 – Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, The [Unusual radioactive rock on the sea bottom mutates ocean life into a horrible monster]
1955 – Revenge of the Creature
1955 – Tarantula! [Swedish; Spider escapes from isolated laboratory, grows to tremendous size and wreaks havoc on local inhabitants]
1955 – This Island Earth [Travel to the planet Metaluna; in Technicolor]
1956 – 1984 [British; ]
1956 – Bad Seed, The
1956 – Beast of Hollow Mountain, The (American cowboy living in Mexico discovers his cattle is being eaten by a giant prehistoric dinosaur)
1956 – Black Sleep, The
1956 – Creature Walks Among Us, The
1956 – Creeping Unknown, The [British; Spaceship returns to earth with a creature aboard] (aka The Quatermass Xperiment and followed by sequel Enemy From Space)
1956 – Curucu, Beast of the Amazon
1956 – Day the World Ended, The
1956 – Earth vs. the Flying Saucers [Invasion by saucers in Washington D.C.]
1956 – Forbidden Planet [Travel to a planet outside solar system; in Widescreen CinemaScope]
1956 – Gamma People, The [British; ]
1956 – Godzilla, King of Monsters [American version with Raymond Burr and extras from 1954 classic Gojira]
1956 – Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
1956 – I Vampiri [Italian; ]
1956 – Ilya Muromets [Russian; ]
1956 – Indestructible Man, The
1956 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Alien seed pods takeover human race; in SuperScope]
1956 – It Conquered the World [Carrot-shaped aliens from Venus] (Remade as Zontar, the Terror From Venus)
1956 – Man Beast
1956 – Mole People, The
1956 – On the Threshold of Space [Historical depiction on tests done to prepare US for space travel]
1956 – Satellite in the Sky [British; Female reporter stows away on first satellite launch]
1956 – Swamp Women [West German; Undercover policewoman helps female convicts escape from to lead her to stash of stolen diamonds in a swamp]
1956 – UFO (aka Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story of Flying Saucers)
1956 – Warning From Space [Japanese; Flying saucer lands in Tokyo Bay with aliens in star-shaped polyester suits]
1956 – Werewolf, The
1956 – World Without End [Spaceship to Mars exceeds time barrier; in CinemaScope]
1956 – X The Unknown
1957 – 20 Million Miles to Earth [Spaceship returns from Venus expedition with creature] (aka The Beast from Space, and The Giant Ymir)
1957 – 27th Day, The [Aliens give five people capsules capable of destroying Earth]
1957 – Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, The [British; ] (aka The Abominable Snowman)
1957 – Amazing Colossal Man, The
1957 – Attack of the Crab Monsters, The
1957 – Beginning of the End
1957 – Black Scorpion, The
1957 – Curse of Frankenstein, The [British; ]
1957 – Curse of the Aztec Mummy [Mexican; Evil Dr. Krupp trying to get the Aztec princess Xochitl's jewels, hypnotizes her current reincarnation] (aka La Maldición de la Momia Azteca)

1957 – Curse of the Demon [British] (Originally called Night of the Demon; aka Haunted)
1957 – Cyclops, The
1957 – Deadly Mantis, The
1957 – Electronic Monster, The [British; ] (aka Escapement)
1957 – Enemy From Space [British; Sequel to The Creeping Unknown] (aka Quatermass 2)
1957 – From Hell It Came
1957 – Giant Claw, The
1957 – How to Make a Monster
1957 – I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
1957 – I Was a Teenage Werewolf
1957 – Incredible Petrified World, The
1957 – Incredible Shrinking Man, The
1957 – Invasion of the Saucer-Men [Saucer men outdone by local teens]
1957 – Invisible Boy, The
1957 – Kronos, Ravager of Planets (aka Kronos, Destroyer of the Universe)  [Orbiting spaceship sends control devices to earth; in Regalscope]
1957 – Land Unknown, The [Antarctic naval mission with three men and reporter Maggie Hathaway crashing in crater 1 km below sea level only to find dinosaurs]
1957 – Man Without A Body, The (Wealthy business man discovers he has brain tumor and opts to steal the head of Nostradamus from the prophet's crypt)
1957 – Man Who Turned to Stone, The – [People stay immortal by siphoning life force of others but if they don't get renewed, they petrify]
1957 – Monolith Monsters, The [Meteor hits earth; recrystallization of crust begins]
1957 – Monster that Challenged the World, The
1957 – Mysterians, The [Japanese; Aliens construct dome and desire earth women]
1957 – Night the World Exploded, The  [Earthquake prediction machine sites big California quake]
1957 – Not of this Earth [Alien needs fresh blood to survive] (Remade in 1988 w/ Traci Lords)
1957 – Pharoah’s Curse
1957 – Rodan
1957 - Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent, The
1957 – Seventh Seal, The [Swedish; Man seeks answers for life, death, and God as he plays chess against Grim Reaper during plague] (aka Det sjunde inseglet)
1957 – She Devil [Female Monster! They created an inhuman being that destroyed everything she touched!]
1957 – Undead, The [Scientist looking for reincarnation sends himself back in time to the Dark Ages]
1957 – Unearthly, The
1957 – Unknown Terror, The
1957 – Vampire, The [Mexican; ] (aka Mark of the Vampire)
1957 – Voodoo Island (Wealthy industrialist hires hoax-buster to prove an island he plans to develop isn't voodoo cursed)
1957 – Woman Eater, The
1958 – 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The
1958 – Astounding She Monster, The
1958 – Attack From Space [Japanese; ]
1958 – Attack of the 50’ Woman
1958 – Attack of the Puppet People
1958 – Blob, The [Meteor carries the Blob to earth where it spreads out]
1958 – Blood of Dracula [British; ]
1958 – Blood of the Vampire, The [British; ]
1958 – Brain Eaters, The
1958 – Brain from Planet Arous, The [Giant floating brain alien takes over scientist]
1958 – Bride and the Beast, The (aka Queen of the Gorillas)
1958 – Colossus of New York
1958 – Corridors of Blood [British; ]
1958 – Crawling Eye, The [British; Alien invaders try to hide in giant cloud (aka The Trollenberg Terror)
1958 – Day the Sky Exploded, The [Italian; ]

1958 – Earth vs. the Spider, The (aka The Spider)
1958 – Fabulous World of Jules Verne, The
1958 – Fiend Without a Face
1958 – Flame Barrier [Satellite in jungle found embedded in hot alien]
1958 – Fly, The (Help Meeeee!)
1958 - Frankenstein's Daughter [Frankenstein's insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day Los Angeles]
1958 – Frankenstein 1970
1958 – From the Earth to the Moon [Early rocket flight to the Moon; in Technicolor]
1958 – Giant From the Unknown [Giant, 500 year old depraved conquistador wrecks havoc in California] (aka Giant From Devil's Crag)
1958 – Haunted Strangler, The
1958 – H-Man, The [Japanese; Pacific H-bomb tests have created radioactive creatures who dissolve anyone they touch] (aka Bijo to Ekitainingen; Beauty and the Liquidman)

1958 – Horror of Dracula
1958 – House on Haunted Hill
1958 – How to Make a Monster [Zombie-like killers created by make-up artist]
1958 – I Bury the Living
1958 – I Married a Monster From Outer Space [Rehash of Body Snatcher theme]
1958 – It! The Terror from Beyond Space [Spaceship returning for Mars has dangerous creature aboard; prototype and inspiration for Alien] (aka It! The Vampire From Outer Space)
1958 – Lost Missile, The [Alien spaceship circles earth and destroys cities with fire]
1958 – Macabre [Italian; ] (aka Macabro)
1958 – Monster From Green Hell [Orbiting wasps return to earth in Africa and killer mutant bees result]
1958 – Monster on the Campus
1958 – Night of the Blood Beast [Astronaut returns to earth with alien embryos]
1958 – Night of the Demon [British; ] (aka Curse of the Demon)
1958 – Night of the Ghouls [Lost sequel to Bride of the Monster] (aka Revenge of the Dead)
1958 – Professor, The
1958 – Queen of Outer Space [Spaceship to Moon abducted to Venus; in CinemaScope]
1958 – Return of Dracula, The (aka Curse of Dracula [TV])
1958 – Revenge of Frankenstein, The
1958 – Rocket Attack, U.S.A. [Cold war propaganda about nuclear missile hitting NYC]
1958 – Satan’s Satellites [Condensed version of 1952 Republic serial Zombies of the Stratosphere]
1958 – Screaming Skull
1958 – She Demons
1958 – She Gods of Shark Reef
1958 – Snorkel, The [British; ]
1958 – Space Children, The
1958 – Step Down to Terror
1958 – Strange World of Planet X, The [British; In small rural lab monomaniac Dr. Laird and his staff create ultra-intense magnetic fields] (aka Cosmic Monsters)
1958 – Tales of Frankenstein
1958 – Teenage Caveman [Young man defies tribal laws which yields knowledge of past generations] (aka I Was a Teenage Caveman; Teenage Cave Man)
1958 – Teenage Monster (aka Meteor Man)
1958 – Teenagers Battle the Thing [aka Curse of Bigfoot (1976 TV)]
1958 – Terror From the Year 5000 [Scientists regret bringing woman from the year 5000 back to their time]
1958 – Terror in the Haunted House (aka My World Dies Screaming)
1958 – Terror in the Midnight Sun [Swedish; ] (aka Invasion of the Animal People; 1962 U.S. version)
1958 – Thing That Couldn’t Die, The
1958 – Vampire’s Coffin, The [Mexican; El ataúd del Vampiro]
1958 – Varan, the Unbelievable [Japanese; ]
1958 – War of the Colossal Beast
1958 – Wild Women of Wongo [Early sexploitation film concerning two warring tribes]
1959 – 4D Man
1959 – Alligator People, The
1959 – Amazing Transparent Man, The
1959 – Atomic Submarine, The
1959 – Attack of the Giant Leeches
1959 – Bat, The
1959 – Battle in Outer Space [Japanese; Nations of the Earth unite in common cause to fight an invader from outer space]
1959 – Blood Lust
1959 – Bucket of Blood, A
1959 – Caltiki, the Immortal Monster [Italian; Amusing blob-like creature chases scientists around in Mexico]
1959 – Cosmic Man, The [Spherical spaceship brings benevolent alien to earth]
1959 – Daughter of Dr. Jekyll
1959 – Destination Space [TV Movie]
1959 – First Man into Space [British; Radioactivity affects pilot]
1959 – Frankenstein’s Daughter
1959 – Giant Behemoth, The
1959 – Giant Gila Monster, The
1959 – Gigantis the Fire Monster (aka Godzilla Raids Again/The Return of Godzilla/Gojira No Gyakushu) [Japanese; ]
1959 – Head, The [German; Thriller with head transplant theme]
1959 – Hideous Sun Demon, The (aka Terror From the Sun)
1959 – Horrors of the Black Museum [British; ]
1959 – Hound of the Baskerville’s The [British; ]
1959 – Incredible Petrified World
1959 – Invisible Invaders [Invisible aliens from the Moon]
1959 – Island of Lost Women [Plane crash-lands on a jungle island inhabited by a scientist and his nubile young daughters. Complications ensue]
1959 – Journey to the Center of the Earth (aka Trip to the Center of the Earth)
1959 – Killer Shrews, The (aka Attack of the Killer Shrews)
1959 – Man Who Could Cheat Death, The
1959 – Manster, The
1959 – Missile to the Moon [Remake of Cat-Women of the Moon]
1959 – Mummy, The
1959 – On the Beach
1959 – Plan 9 from Outer Space [Pompous aliens resurrect corpses to take over earth]
1959 – Return of the Fly, The
1959 – Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, The [Mexican; A must see Superbomb] (aka Aztec Mummy vs. the Human Robot and El Robot Humano)
1959 – Teenage Zombies
1959 – Teenagers From Outer Space [Teens happily bring lobster monster to earth]
1959 – Terror is a Man (aka Island of Terror)
1959 – Three Treasures, The
1959 – Tingler, The
1959 – Virgin Sacrifice
1959 – Wasp Woman, The
1959 – World, the Flesh, and the Devil, The (aka The End of the World)
1960 – 13 Ghosts [A family inherits what proves to be a haunted house, but a special pair of goggles allows them to see their ghostly tormentors] (aka Thirteen Ghosts)

1960 – 12 to the Moon [Chinese moon people order earthmen off the moon but want to keep their two cats; then freeze N. America; Critic - “the lamest most contemptible film of the genre”]
1960 – 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse, The [German; Fritz Lang's last film]
1960 – Angry Red Planet, The [Martians attack earth visitors; in Cinemagic]
1960 – Atlas
1960 – Atom Age Vampire [Italian; ]
1960 – Beast From Haunted Cave (aka Creature from the Cave)
1960 – Beyond the Time Barrier
1960 – Black Sunday [Italian; ] (aka Mask of Satan, The)
1960 – Blood and Roses [Italian; Carmilla’s jealous obsession leads her to tomb of a female vampire](aka Et Mourir de Plaisir; To Die with Pleasure)

1960 – Brides of Dracula, The [British; ]
1960 – Cape Canaveral Monsters, The
1960 – Circus of Horrors [British; ]
1960 – City of the Dead, The [British; ] (aka Horror Hotel)
1960 – Dinosaurus!
1960 – Eyes Without a Face [French; ] (aka The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus; Les Yeux Sans Visage)
1960 – Fall of the House of Usher, The (aka House of Usher)
1960 – First Spaceship on Venus [E. German/Polish; Earth clues prompt trip to Venus to find war-blasted planet] (Cut by an hour in U.S. release and repudiated by author of script; shot in Totalvision and Technicolor.)  [Original title: Der schweigende Stern.]
1960 – First Spaceship on Venus [German; Earth clues prompt trip to Venus to find war-blasted planet] (Cut by an hour in U.S. release and repudiated by author of script; shot in Totalvision and Technicolor.)  [German title: Der schweigende Stern]
1960 – Flesh and the Fiends, The [British; ]
1960 – Human Vapor, The [Japanese; aka Gasu ningen dai ichigo; Librarian subject to scientific experiment which transforms him into "The Human Vapor"]
1960 – Last Woman on Earth, The
1960 – Leech Woman, The [An endocrinologist in a dysfunctional marriage with an aging, alcoholic wife journeys to Africa seeking a drug that will restore youth]
1960 – Mill of the Stone Women [Italian; ]
1960 – Never Take Candy From A Stranger [British; ]
1960 – Night Tide
1960 – Peeping Tom [British; ]
1960 – Playgirls and the Vampire, The [Italian; ] (Released as L'ultima preda del vampire; Translation - The Vampire's Final Prey)
1960 – Secret of the Telegian, The [Japanese; Men are being murdered by a psycho called "The Telegian," who uses a matter-transmitting device to locate his victims] (aka Denso Ningen)
1960 – Stop Me Before I Kill [British; ]
1960 – Tell-Tale Heart, The
1960 – Time Machine, The
1960 – Tormented [Man lets former flame fall to death rather than interfere with new flame] 1960 – Two Faces of Dr. Jeykll [British; Uneven adaptation of Stevenson tale] (Opened in U. S. as House of Fright)
1960 – Village of the Damned [British; ]
1961 – Anatomy of a Psycho
1961 – Assignment: Outer Space [Japanese; in Technicolor]
1961 – Atlantis, The Lost Continent
1961 – Atlas
1961 – Battle of the Worlds [Italian; Scientists try to stop alien planet from impacting earth; in Technicolor] (aka Il pianeta degli uomini spenti)
1961 – Beast of Yucca Flats, The
1961 – Blood of the Zombie
1961 – Bloodlust! (A crazed hunter kidnaps people and turns them loose on his private estate, where he hunts them for sport)
1961 – Creature from the Haunted Sea (Crook decides to kill members of inept crew and blame deaths on legendary sea creature. He doesn't know is that creature is real)
1961 – Curse of the Crying Woman, The [Mexican;  Based on the Mexican legend of La Llorona] (aka La Maldicion de la Llorona)
1961 – Curse of the Werewolf, The [British; ]
1961 – Day the Earth Caught Fire, The
1961 – Dead Eyes of London, The [German; ] (Trendy remake of The Human Monster ’39)
1961 – Devil’s Hand, The (Man haunted by visions of beautiful woman in a Satanic cult)
1961 – Devil’s Messenger, The
1961 – Devil’s Partner, The (Old man sells soul to devil and turns into young man; aka El demonio sanguinario; Parceiro do Diabo)
1961 – Doctor Blood’s Coffin [British; ] (aka Le Cadavre Qui Tue)
1961 – Dr. Sardonicus
1961 – Giant of Metropolis, The [Italian; Muscleman Ohro travels to sinful capital of Atlantis to rebuke godlessness] (aka El Giante de Metropolis; Il Gigante di Metropolis)
1961 – Gorgo
1961 – Hands of Orlac, The [French; ]
1961 – Hellfire Club, The [British; ] (aka Der Höllenfeuerclub)

1961 – Hercules in the Haunted World [Italian; ]
1961 – Innocents, The [British; ]
1961 – Invasion of the Neptune Men [Japanese: ] (aka Uchu Kaisoku-sen)
1961 – Journey to the Seventh Planet [Danish; 2001 travel to Uranus - find alien brain monster]
1961 – Konga (Remake of Konga 1932)
1961 – Minotaur, The [Italian; ]
1961 – Mole Men Against the Son of Hercules[Italian; ] Maciste arranges for him and new friend to be captured by a mysterious marauders and taken to underground city. (aka Maciste, l'uomo più forte del mondo)
1961 – Monster of the Piedras Blancas, The [Mexican; Humanoid sea monster on desolate sea coast]
1961 – Mothra (aka The Thing; Mosura) [Japanese; A science fiction classic! After an atomic blast, members of a Japanese expedition explore the heavily-radiated Infant Island. Much to their surprise, the scientists discover that life still exists there: two beautiful twin girls called Ailenas. Standing only six inches high, they are the guardians of Mothra, a sacred giant egg. The giant egg hatches into a larva which grows to tremendous size and wreaks havoc on downtown Tokyo.]
1961 – Mr. Sardonicus
1961 – Mysterious Island (aka Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island)
1961 – Naked Witch, The (Student researching German settlements in Texas unearths grave of reputed witch)
1961 – Nude on the Moon
1961 – Phantom Planet, The [Crash landing in 1980 on asteroid where astronauts are shrunk by small aliens who are chased by the fire people]
1961 – Pit and the Pendulum
1961 – Reptilicus
1961 – Scream of Fear [British; Wheelchair-bound girl returns to her father's estate and keeps seeing his dead body] (aka Taste of Fear)
1961 – Shadow of the Cat, The [British;  Female house cat sees mistress murdered and becomes ferociously bent on revenge]
1961 – Snake Woman, The (Dr. injects wife with snake venom and birth to baby “devil” starts problems)
1961 – Terror in the Midnight Sun
1961 – Valley of the Dragons [Algeria 1881, a comet brushing Earth takes two dueling men to Moon where a prehistoric civilization exists] (aka El valle de los dragones)
1961 – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
1961 – Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory
1961 – X-15 (aka Die X-15 Startklar; Il Leggendario X-15; Pyravlos X-15)
1962 – Amphibian Man, the [Russian; ]
1962 – Awful Dr. Orlof, The [Spanish; ]
1962 – Battle Beyond the Sun [Italian; ] (Made from Russian movie Nebo Zovyot footage)
1962 – Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The
1962 – Brain, The [British and German; ]
1962 – Brainiac, The – Fiend From Beyond Time! [Mexican; Most bizarre horror movie, ever] (aka El Baron del Terror)

1962 – Burn, Witch, Burn (aka Night of the Eagle) [Skeptical college professor discovers that his wife has been practicing magic]
1962 – Cabinet of Caligari, The
1962 – Carnival of Crime [British; An architect married to a beautiful and unfaithful woman finds she's disappeared] (aka Sócio de Alcova)
1962 – Carnival of Souls (aka De infernaliska)
1962 – Cash On Demand [British; ]
1962 – Creation of the Humanoids, The (aka Revolt of the Humanoids)
1962 – Day Mars Invaded Earth, The
1962 – Daughter of the Sun God
1962 – Devil’s Hand, The (A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman. When he finally meets her, he winds up involved in a satanic cult)
1962 – Dungeon of Harrow
1962 – Experiment in Terror [Swedish; ]
1962 – Frankenstein - El Vampiro y Compania (aka Frankenstein, the Vampire and Co.) [Mexican; ]
1962 – Gorath [Japanese; Disaster film about a giant meteor on a collision course with the Earth] (aka Yôsei Gorasu).  Released in US in 1964.
1962 – Hands of a Stranger
1962 – Horrible Dr. Hitchcock, The [Italian: The year is 1885, and necrophiliac Dr. Hitchcock likes to drug his wife for sexual funeral games] (aka L'orribile segreto del Dr. Hichcock)
1962 – Horrors of Spider Island [West German; En route to Singapore, troupe of beautiful dancers stranded on deserted island by plane crash. Routine of skinny-dipping and devising new skimpy outfits is interrupted when radioactive spider bites their manager and turns him into a wild-eyed monster] (aka Body in the Web; Ein Toter Hing im Netz [1960])
1962 – Invasion of the Star Creatures
1962 – Jack the Giant Killer
1962 – La Jetee
1962 – Magic Sword, The
1962 – Night Creatures [British; ]
1962 – Panic in Year Zero
1962 – Phantom of the Opera [Remake of the 1925 and 1943 versions]
1962 – Playgirls and the Vampire, The [Italian; ]
1962 – Premature Burial, The
1962 – Ring of Terror
1962 – Sadistic Baron Von Klaus, The [French; ]
1962 – Satan in High Heels
1962 – Slaughter of the Vampires [Italian; ] (aka Curse of the Blood Ghouls; La Strage dei Vampiri)
1962 – Slime People, The
1962 – Stark Fear [Sadistic husband mentally tortures wife while eventually planning to murder her - an uplifting story]
1962 – Tales of Terror
1962 – This Is Not a Test
1962 – Trauma
1962 – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
1962 – Witch’s Curse, The [Italian; ]
1962 – Witch’s Mirror, The [Mexican (1960); Husband murders his wife, years later ghost emerges from a witch's mirror to take revenge] (aka El Espejo de la Bruja)
1963 – Atomic Brain, The
1963 – Atragon [Japanese; ] (aka Atoragon: Flying Super Sub; Undersea Battleship)
1963 – Attack of the Mushroom People [Japanese; ] (aka Matango; Matango Il Mostro)
1963 – Black Sabbath [Italian; Boris Karloff hosts three stories] (aka I Tre Volti Della Paura; The Three Faces of Fear)
1963 – Blancheville Monster, The
1963 – Blood and Black Lace [Italian; ]

1963 – Blood Feast (aka Feast of Flesh)
1963 – Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The
1963 – Children of the Damned [British; ]
1963 – Crawling Hand, The (aka Five Fingers of Death, The Creeping Hand, Don’t Cry Wolf, and Tomorrow You Die)
1963 – Crypt of Horror [British; ] (aka Terror in the Crypt)
1963 – Damned, The [British; ] (aka These Are the Damned)
1963 – Day of the Triffids, The [British; Meteor storm creates unusual moving plants and global havoc]
1963 – Dementia 13
1963 – Dr. Strangelove, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
1963 – Eegah!
1963 – Fail-Safe
1963 – Ghost, The [Italian; Woman and lover murder her husband but is he coming back from dead?] (aka Lo spettro)
1963 – Haunting, The
1963 – Jason and the Argonauts
1963 – King Kong vs. Godzilla [Japanese; ]
1963 – Kiss of the Vampire, The [British; ]
1963 – Madmen of Mandoras, The [British; Hitler's brain is saved by Nazi madmen and is giving orders on a small tropical island] (aka The Return of Mr. H)
1963 – Maniac, The [British; ]
1963 – Matango - Attack of the Mushroom People [Japanese; ]
1963 – Monstrosity (aka The Atomic Brain)
1963 – Paranoiac [British; Wealthy psychotic coddled by aunt in their palatial mansion]
1963 – Raven, The
1963 – Sadist, The
1963 – Shock Corridor
1963 – Strangler of Blackmoor Castle, The [German; ]
1963 – Terrified (A masked lunatic kills off people in a haunted house)
1963 – Terror From Space
1963 – Terror, The (in Vistascope)
1963 – They Saved Hitler’s Brain
1963 – Violent Midnight
1963 – Virgin of Nuremberg, The [Italian; Confused plot with vampires and a kid looking and walking like Hitler] (aka Horror Castle, Terror Castle)
1963 – Voyage to the End of the Universe [Czech; In 2163 starship Ikaria XB 1 embarks on a long journey to search for life on the planets of Alpha Centauri] (Originally titled Ikarie XB1)
1963 – Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory
1963 – Whip and the Body
1963 – X-The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
1963 – Yesterday Machine, The [Nazi scientist invents a time machine enabling him to go back to alter the events of WWII]
1964 – 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
1964 – At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul [Brazil; ] (aka À Meia-Noite Levarei Sua Alma)

1964 – Attack From Space [Japanese; w/ Starman saving the day!]
1964 – Black Torment, The [Danish; A lord returns to manor with new wife to hear rumors that he had committed several murders]
1964–  Blood Drinkers, The [Philippines; Chilling vampire tale] (aka Blood Is the Color of the Night, The Vampire People, and Kulay dugo ang gabi)  US Release May 1966.
1964 – Castle of Blood (aka Danse Macabre) [Italian; ]
1964 – Cave of the Living Dead (aka Night of the Vampires) [British; ]
1964 – Creeping Terror, The (aka The Crawling Monster) [Newlywed sheriff tries to stop monster who has emerged from spaceship in order to eat people]
1964 – Curse of the Living Corpse, The
1964 – Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, The [British; ]
1964 – Devil Doll [British; ]
1964 – Dogora, the Space Monster [Japanese; aka Uchû daikaijû Dogora] (Earth attacked by giant jellyfish monster that requires diamonds)
1964 – Earth Dies Screaming, The [British; ]
1964 – Evil of Frankenstein, The [British; ]
1964 – First Men in the Moon [British; Travel to the Moon]
1964 – Flesh Eaters, The
1964 – Frozen Alive
1964 – Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster [Japanese; ]  (aka Ghidora, the Three Headed Monster)
1964 – Godzilla vs. Mothra (The Thing) [Japanese; ]
1964 – Gorgon, The [British; ]
1964 – Hercules Against the Moon Men [Italian; ]
1964 – Horror of Party Beach, The
1964 – I Eat Your Skin
1964 – Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?, The
1964 – Kwaidan [Japanese; ] (aka Ghost Stories; La Mujer de Nieve)
1964 – Lady in a Cage
1964 – Last Man on Earth, The [U.S.-Italian; ]
1964 – Long Hair of Death, The  [Italian; aka I lunghi capelli della morte] (w/ Barbara Steele)
1964 – Masque of the Red Death, The
1964 – Monster of Camp Sunshine, The
1964 – Mothra vs. Godzilla [Japanese; ]
1964 – Nightmare [British; Young student's nights troubled by horrible dreams of her mother]
1964 – Night Walker, The [Woman haunted by nightmares seemingly instigated by her late husband, supposedly killed in a fire]
1964 – Onibaba [Japanese; ]
1964 – Pyro… The Thing Without a Face (aka Fuego; Pyro)
1964 – Rasputin: The Mad Monk [British; ]
1964 – Robinson Crusoe on Mars [Martian extravaganza]
1964 – Rome Against Rome [Italian; ] (aka Roma contro Roma; Night Star: Goddess of Electra; War of the Zombies)
1964 – Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
1964 – Seance on a Wet Afternoon
1964 – Sound of Horror
1964 – Strait-Jacket
1964 – Terror in the Night (aka Teen-Age Strangler) [Troubled teen suspected when young women found dead and marked with lipstick]
1964 – Thrill Killers, The
1964 – Tomb of Ligeia, The [Man's obsession with dead wife drives wedge between new bride]
1964 – Two Thousand Maniacs!
1964 – Unearthly Stranger [British; Scientist learns that colleagues are being killed and suspects his wife]
1965 – Alphaville
1965 – Attack of the Eye Creatures, The [Eye creatures from space frame young boy and girlfriend for murder]
1965 – Atomic Rulers of the World [Japanese; ]
1965 – Beach Girls and the Monster, The (Black and white w/ color surfing sequences)
1965 – Beast That Killed Women, The
1965 – Blood of the Man Devil (aka House of Black Death)
1965 – Bloody Pit of Horror
1965 – Color Me Blood Red (aka Model Massacre)
1965 – Crack in the World
1965 – Creature of the Walking Dead [Originally Mexican film (La Marca del Muerto).  American director bought rights, cut dialogue, added new scenes and dubbed the rest in English]
1965 – Curse of the Fly, The
1965 – Dark Intruder [Police call in occult expert to help solve series of murders]
1965 – Die! Die! My Darling! [British; Young woman is terrorized by her deceased fiancé's demented mother] (aka Fanatic)
1965 – Die Monster Die! (aka The House at the End of the World)
1965 – Dogora [Japanese; ]
1965 – Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
1965 – Dr. Terror's House of Horrors [British; Aboard British train fortune teller Dr. Schreck reads the futures of five fellow passengers]
1965 – Dr. Who and the Daleks
1965 – Embalmer, The [Italian; ] (aka Il mostro di Venezia; The Monster of Venice)
1965 – Evil Brian From Outer Space  [Japanese; Benevolent aliens send superhero Starman to protect Earth from invasion by evil alien race called Spherions]
1965 – Eye Creatures, The (aka Attack of the Eye Creatures)
1965 – Frankenstein Conquers the World [Japanese; ] (aka Frankenstein vs. Baragon, Furankenshutain tai chitei kaijû Baragon, Frankenstein Meets the Giant Devil Fish, Frankenstein and the Giant Lizard, Frankenstein vs. Godjirra (Japan), Frankenstein vs. the Giant Devil Fish, Frankenstein vs. the Subterranean Monster, Furankensuten to Baragon)
1965 – Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster [Japanese; ]
1965 – Gamera: The Giant Monster [Japanese; ] (U.S. version titled Gammera, the Invincible [1966])
1965 – Godzilla vs. Monster Zero [Japanese; ] (U.S. version called Monster Zero [1966])
1965 – House of the Black Death (aka Blood of the Man Beast, Blood of the Devil Beast)
1965 – Human Duplicators, The
1965 – Hysteria [British; American wakes in English hospital unable to remember anything before a recent car accident]
1965 – Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Monsters - Trilogy, The
1965 – Lost In Space
1965 – Monster a Go-Go
1965 – Monsters Crash the Pajama Party
1965 – Night Caller, The [Alien mutant kidnaps humans to take back to troubled planet] (aka Night Caller From Outer Space and Blood Beast From Outer Space)
1965 – Nightmare Castle [Italian; ] (aka Faceless Monster)
1965 – Planet of the Vampires [Italian; Mario Bava director] (aka Demon Planet, Planet of Blood, Queen of Blood)
1965 – Repulsion
1965 – She
1965 – Skull, The (aka A Maldição da Caveira)
1965 – Starman: Evil Brain From Outer Space
1965 – Sting of Death
1965 – Tenth Victim, The [Italian; Club created to hunt humans.  Members are alternately hunters and prey until they are dead] (aka La Decima Vittima)
1965 – Terror-Creatures From the Grave [Italian; Spirits able to summon souls of ancient plague victims] (aka 5 tombe per un medium).  US Release April 1966.
1965 – Two on a Guillotine (Duke Duquesne, eccentric magician dies and his estranged daughter will inherit his estate if she stays in his creepy mansion for seven nights, alone).
1965 – Village of the Giants
1965 – Voodoo Blood Death [British; African footage and lots of proper mumbo jumbo] (aka Curse of the Voodoo)
1965 – Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet [21st Century Venusian landing finds teradactyl attack and lava flows] (Remake of Russian Planet of Storms)
1965 – War Gods of the Deep [British; Gill-men invade coastal town] (British title:  The City Under the Sea, in Colorscope)
1965 – Wild, Wild Planet [Italian; Female alien uses robots to control earth scientists] (aka The Galaxy Criminals)
1965 – Wizard of Mars, The [Astronauts crash land on Mars with only four days of supplies and run into the Wizard] (aka Horrors of the Red Planet)
1966 – Batman: The Movie
1966 – Blood Bath (aka The Track of the Vampire [TV])
1966 – Cave of the Living Dead [German/Finland; ] (Released as Der luch der grünen augen)
1966 – Curse of the Swamp Creature
1966 – Deadly Bees, The [British; Trouble strikes an exhausted pop singer sent on a farm vacation realizes that the farm owner grows deadly bees]
1966 – Death Curse of Tartu
1966 – Destination Inner Space [Mysterious object of unknown origin detected at site of an experimental underwater laboratory] (aka Terror of the Deep; L’Invasione Marte Attaca Terra)
1966 – Diabolical Dr. Z, The [Spanish-French; ] (You can just imagine how bad this one is)
1966 – Dimension 5 [An American intelligence agent, aided by a Chinese-American female agent, uses a time-travel belt to thwart Chinese operatives trying to bomb LA]
1966 – Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs
1966 – Dr. Who - Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.
1966 – Dracula - Prince of Darkness (aka Revenge of Dracula, Disciple of Dracula, Bloody Scream of Dracula, Dracula 3)
1966 – Eye of the Devil
1966 – Fantastic Voyage
1966 – Gamera vs. Barugon  [Japanese; ]
1966 – Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, The
1966 – Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
1966 – Kill Baby, Kill [Italian; ] (aka Curse of the Living Dead; Operazione Paura)
1966 – Knives of the Avenger [Italian; ] (aka I Coltelli del Vendicatore; Erik the Conqueror)
1966 – Magic Serpent, The [Japanese; ] (aka Froggo and Droggo)
1966 – Manos - The Hands of Fate
1966 – Naked Evil (aka Exorcism at Midnight) [Jamaican hexes hostel manager eventually causing manager's death before being killed himself by vengeful spirit]
1966 – Navy vs. the Night Monsters, The [Scientific expedition to Antarctica discovers unusual tree specimens] (aka Monsters of the Night)
1966 – Nightmare Castle [Italian;  ] (aka Faceless Monster, The)
1966 – One Million Years B.C. [British; ]
1966 – Phantom of Soho, The
1966 – Plague of the Zombies, The [British; ]
1966 – Planet of Blood [Space vampire brought to earth using purchased Russian footage] (Originally titled Queen of Blood; aka The Green Woman; Planet of Terror; Planet of Vampires)
1966 – Prehistoric Women [British; Contrived cave people plot with Martine Beswick providing sparks] (Released in Britain as Slave Girls; in CinemaScope)
1966 – Queen of Blood (Set in 1990, scientists receive distress call from alien spaceship that crash-landed on Mars.  The elaborate special effects were taken (uncredited) from two big budget Soviet productions: Mechte Navstrechu (1963) and Nebo Zovyot (1960))
1966 – Rasputin, The Mad Monk [British; Thrown out of monastery for licentious and drunken behavior, travels to St. Petersburg] (aka Rasputin: il monaco folle; Rasputin, der wahnsinnige Mönch)
1966 – Reptile, The [British; ] (aka La Femme Reptile)
1966 – Santo vs. La Invasion de Los Marcianos [Mexican; ]
1966 – She Beast [Young woman's car accident into lake and body then possessed by 18th-century witch] (aka The She Beast)
1966 – Star Pilot [Italian; Aliens land on Sardinia] (aka 2+5 Missione Hydra)
1966 – Terror Beneath the Sea
1966 – Undertaker and His Pals, The
1966 – War of the Gargantuas [Japanese; ]
1966 – War of the Monsters [Japanese; ] (aka Gamera vs. Barugon)
1966 – War of the Planets [Italian; Light creatures attack earth; terrible sets] (aka War Between the Planets)
1966 – Witches, The [British; ]
1966 – Zontar: The Thing From Venus (aka Zontar: Invader from Venus)
1967 – Battle Beneath the Earth [British; Berserk Chinese general has system of tunnels made from China to US to place atomic bombs near military bases]
1967 – Blood Beast Terror
1967 – Blood of the Virgins [Argentine; ] (aka Placer Sangriento, Feast of Flesh)

1967 – Castle of the Walking Dead [British; ] (aka The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism, The Snake Pit and the Pendulum, and Blood Demon)
1967 – Circus of Fear [British; ] (aka Psycho-Circus)
1967 – Creature of Destruction (Hypnotist predicts murders by a terrifying sea monster.  In reality, he causes murders through his lovely assistant who is the reincarnation of the monster)
1967 – Fahrenheit 451
1967 – Fearless Vampire Killers, The
1967 – Feast of Flesh [Argentina; ]
1967 – Frankenstein Created Woman [British; ]
1967 – Fright Night
1967 – Gallery of Horrors
1967 – Gamera vs. Gaos [Japanese; ] (aka Gamera: Return of the Giant Monsters)
1967 – Gappa, The Triphibian Monster [Japanese; ]
1967 – Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster [Japanese; ]
1967 – Gruesome Twosome, The
1967 – Hillbillys in a Haunted House
1967 – In the Year 2889 (Post A-war survivors gathered together in a valley are menaced by cannibalistic human mutants with telepathic powers)
1967 – Island of the Burning Damned [British; Mainland Britain shivers in deepest winter while the northern island of Fara bakes in the nineties] (aka Night of the Big Heat)
1967 – Island of the Doomed [Spanish/West German; Baron keeps a menagerie of carnivorous plants] (aka Maneater of Hydra; La isla de la muerte)
1967 – Journey to the Center of Time
1967 – King Kong Escapes [Japanese; ]
1967 – Mars Needs Women [Title says it all]
1967 – Mission Stardust [Italian; Team of astronauts sent to moon to rescue alien seeking to save her dying race] (aka ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1 ...Morte)
1967 – Monster From a Prehistoric Planet [Japanese; ]
1967 – Mummy's Shroud, The
1967 – Night Fright
1967 – Prehistoric Women [British; ](Released as Slave Girls)
1967 – Rocket to the Moon [British; P.T. Barnum finances first moon with rocket blasted into orbit from massive gun built in a Welsh mountain](aka Those Fantastic Flying Fools)
1967 – She Freak (aka Asylum of the Insane)
1967 – Son of Godzilla [Japanese; ]
1967 – Space Thing
1967 – Terrornauts, The [British; Talky sci-fi about scientists beamed to an alien world]
1967 – They Came From Beyond Space [British; Silver plate in head allows for fighting of alien spacemen]
1967 – Torture Garden [British; ]
1967 – Vengeance of She, The [British; ]
1967 – X From Outer Space, The [Japanese; Trip to Mars encounters UFO] (aka Zigra vs. Guilala)
1967 – Yongary - Monster from the Deep [Japanese; ]
1968 – 2001: A Space Odyssey [Space travel for commuters; in Cinerama]
1968 – Anniversary, The
1968 – Astro-Zombies [Nominee for the worst movie of all time]
1968 – Bamboo Saucer, The [Flying saucer hidden in Red Chinese village sought by teams from U.S. and U.S.S.R.] (aka La Cortina Du Bambu)
1968 – Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy
1968 – Blood of Fu Manchu, The [British; ]
1968 – Body Snatcher from Hell [Japanese;  Plane crash survivors attacked by aliens turn into blood-thirsty vampires] (US release 1979; Original title Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro)
1968 – Brides of Blood [Phillipines; Tropical island natives contend with man-eating plants, animals and mutations caused by radioactivity].  (aka Danger on Tiki Island; Grave Desires)
1968 – Countdown
1968 – Crimson Cult, The [British; ] (aka The Curse of the Crimson Altar; The Crimson Altar)
1968 – Destroy All Monsters! [Japanese; ]
1968 – Destroy All Planets [Japanese; ]
1968 – Devil Rides Out, The [British;] (aka The Devil’s Bride)
1968 – Dracula Has Risen From the Grave [British;]
1968 – Fear Chamber [Mexican; ](aka Chamber of Fear)
1968 – Five Million Years to Earth [British; Subway workers unearth spaceship] (Originally released [1956] as Quatermass and the Pit and known in the U.S. as The Creeping Unknown; sequel is Enemy From Space [1957])
1968 – Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror [Spanish; ] (aka Hell's Creatures; La Marca del Hombre-lobo)
1968 – Gamera vs. Viras  [Japanese; ]
1968 – Ghosts of Hanley House, The
1968 – Mad Doctor of Blood Island [Phillipine; Man who loves to travel winds up on an island where a mad doctor is creating zombies]
1968 – Mission Mars
1968 – Night of the Living Dead
1968 – Planet of the Apes
1968 – Power, The
1968 – Rape of the Vampire, The [French; Psychoanalyst tries to convince four sisters that they are not 200 year old vampires] (aka Le viol du vampire)
1968 – Rosemary’s Baby
1968 – Spider Baby (aka The Maddest Story Ever Told; Jack Hill's Spider Baby)
1968 – Spirits of the Dead
1968 – Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The (TV Movie)
1968 – Storm World
1968 – Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (aka The Gill Women and The Gill Women of Venus)
1969 – Attack of the Monsters [Japanese; ]
1969 – Beneath the Planet of the Apes
1969 – Bizarre
1969 – Castle of Fun Manchu, The [British; ]
1969 – Damned, The [Italian; La Caduto Degli Dei]
1969 – Fangs of the Living Dead
1969 – Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed [British; ]
1969 – Gamera vs. Guiron  [Japanese; ]
1969 – Godzilla's Revenge [Japanese; ]
1969 – Green Slime, The [Japanese; Slimy green invaders vs. earthmen]
1969 – House that Screamed, The [Italian; ] (aka La residencia)
1969 – Illustrated Man, The
1969 – It’s Alive!
1969 – Journey to the Farside of the Sun [British; New planet discovered beyond the sun]
1969 – Latitude Zero to Infinity [Canada; ] (aka Altitude zéro à l'infini)
1969 – Mad Doctor of Blood Island
1969 – Mark of the Devil (aka Burn, Witch, Burn; Austria 1700; Satan; Hexen; Hexen bis aufs Blut Gequalt; Brenn, Hexe, Brenn)
1969 – Marooned
1969 – Mighty Gorga, The
1969 – Moon Zero Two [British; Mining claims on the Moon]
1969 – Night of Bloody Horror [Danish; Man on a killing spree while experiencing nightmares of brother murdered 13 years ago]
1969 – Oblong Box, The
1969 – One Million AC/DC
1969 – Scream and Scream Again
1969 – Valley of Gwangi, The

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