Today's Episode: GODZILLA VS. HAMMIE

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The fable came to pass as the wind and rain were fierce. But "it was more than the wind and rain". After devastating attacks on Tokyo and the rest of southeastern Asia, the migration of Godzilla across South Africa and to the shores of the USA are well known. After destroying Disney World and dining in the back room at Bertha' Mussels in Baltimore, Godzilla attacked the south shore of Lon Gisland and worked his way northward to Westbury, Lon Gisland where he met up, face to face, with Westbury Hammie. Our hero was unprepared for the onslaught but took full control by the end. The following images are all that is left to record the events of that fateful day.


Unaware of the stealthlike approach of Godzilla, Westbury Hammie happily munches away on rug mites.



Aware of the approach of Godzilla, Hammie says "The cemetery is full of dead heros, I'm a goner".



Insults about his mother wearing combat boots and some forceful persuasion by Mickey eventually put the squeeze on Hammie who returned inspired, to the battlefield.



Hey you big dummy, you're hurting me. What do you think you're....!

I'm starting to get mad!



OK that's it! You pushed me too far! Now, I'm going to bite you hard.



O.K.? You happy? There goes the hand - what's next? Your choice big guy!



Oh, yea, and here's a foot in your eye for that first crack about my mother!



OK, now I'm warmed up - Who's gonna be next? Where's that wheel?



Off the set, the boys relax, reminiscing and chatting about the old Tokyo days.



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