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Following in the paw prints of his predecessor and in response to overwhelming support for more and public outcry over the loss of our past movie stars, well, here's more in a sequence of interviews and movie spots by none other than our beloved new lab technician at Dukelabs - Hammie Vb.  Simply move your hamster (er, mouse) over any of the frames below and click to open your viewer and/or download the file.  Crank up the stereo, sit back, pop yourself a cool one and get ready for some more Hammiewood fun.

Hammie V - Movie Spots

HMan Vb - What's it Mean


Rare Footage - HMan Va



Hammie IV - Movie Spots

The Best



Mystery Noise


Any Plans?


HManIV Outtake




HMan IV Spring Cleaning


Hammie III - Movie Spots

Going to Dim Sum with HMan III




You Need a Little Oil


I'm Getting Kinda Sleepy


The Hamfather, Part IV


Cruisin' the Painted Desert



Alien Pre-Abduction Scan


Hammie II - Movie Spots

Portugese Ham O' War


HamCam 02

Hunger Forces Dangerous Living

Rare Footage: Hammie Live Birth

Smokey Watch Out!

What's Hammie T. Bear's Middle Name?

"The Making of" Bonus Mpg

HMan Primping in Costume for the Above Scene

The Hard Shell Dilemma


HamCam 01

New Species Discovered:  Hammonoidea Hamminensis

Unauthorized Lunch Break at Dukelabs

Practicing for the Duke Mexican Fiesta


HMan I's First Movie Clip (Presently in the Library of Congress)

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